Download New Song By mojtaba jafari Called past&future

Download New Song By mojtaba jafari Called past&future

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Download two New Song By mojtaba jafari Called past&future—STARLIGHT—

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I dont know whats the start is
But i know the finish
Finish for every young man who want to be the best he passed all of the test whats the next?
Ive heard a lot of story about society but finally bad reality,she sells her body for somebody for some money,dont laugh,its not funny
Hey honey honey bee two words are the same 9
They r lovers they like flowers,every one knows those powers
What if i told u honey hates vex
What if i told u end of this love is nothing beside sex
If u ask me chose one of them
I say honey bee win this game
My friend told me we are brothers blue
We can stay together forever like a clue
We promiesd to dont use the lie
We both tryed for getting to the high
Every time I felt so bad,maybe i was so so sad
My friend was my the best mate
Everyone regreted to this fate
Ive heard many ridicules maybe there’s no porpuse but im so tired
I know the respect not expect
Answer of kindness is not illness
If u be angelthey,ll make you a monster
Think your bumination,congragulation to this dark emotion
I promise there,s no ending beside loosing
I promise there’s no ending beside forgiving
Hey brother,forgive me,forget me
Imagine a world to be big,maybe possible maybe impossible
Maybe you right,i dont deny if u wanna go the high u must use the lie why?
Imagine a world not small word
To be big like champions league
U wanna play?its game its compition without compititor one way one land one goal with your soul on your own
You loose every time as always no gun for defence for your health
Till u dont stop u can not be so top
I dont wanna use my knife cause all of those words told you were story of my life
Just remember im not your clue to tell you what true is
U should never be in the countdown
Cause your life never come back to change your down
Good players like number 10 7
But I like number zero cause I wanted to be hero
u wanna tell my this is my consequence?
Hold on a second catch your breath
Remember that time u was a poor son u liked that toy gun,u told your mom to take it for good son,there was no money for taking my good son,how painful this is the life’s rule


دانلود اهنگ past & future

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Past and future
Im a big wizard to forcast the future
Can see what happen for your dastiny
Not sure if u can see the tomorrow
U can change all of the realities
Dont fear Im hear right hear fuck bear that it makes u to be a dreamer
All of us know how we make a dream
I wanna say something and scream
Hey I promise no one can see the future
Even those people who are so clever
U in your life has a big chance
I wanna see your self cofidence
Something I need to have to confoce
Something wants to get out of me chest
Do u like to see your succeed
Try to change your now and fix it
Where are u my future
Im calling you forever i wanna make myself better better better
Give me a chance to see you
I know you’re so far its true
But I cant see you never never never
The past your past has passed so fast
Dont thing about them they’re so vast
I know u want to come back to that time
To change each possible and be the prime
All of your life was just a lie
Your dream was getting to the high
Dont lie be honest you failed your test
Hey im here to tell u forget forget the past
If u can come to past you can change all of the facts?
No no no you’re wrong too long be strong
Your king kong i say again
Do u like to brake all of these law
Try to change something thats now
Where r u my ugly past
I can not be so fast
Please go slow slow slow
Anything happened for me
It was my fault I agree
But I couldnt tell u no no no
Time to forget,please forget,dont cry
The fate,it’s not good,its not bad,only a fad

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